Month: December 2022

Best horror web series in Telugu 2022

Most people have a separate liking for horror movies and web series, as it keeps them interested until the end. Are you looking for the latest Telugu web series with a good horror story? If yes, you must try watching the new horror thriller Anya’s Tutorial. It is an exciting horror thriller web series which would be best to watch during the night.

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The cast of Anya’s Tutorial

Pallavi Gangireddy directs the horror web series Anya’s Tutorial under the production company Arka Media. The central cast members of this web series are Nivedhithaa Sathish as Anya and Regina Cassandra as Madhu – Anya’s sister. The other cast members are Pramodini Pammi, Darsh, Sameer Malla and Sai Kamakshi Bhaskarala.

The story of Anya’s Tutorial

The story of Anya’s Tutorial starts with Anya, who moves into an old apartment during the lockdown. Her YouTube channel becomes highly popular when viewers find paranormal activities in her house. Later Anya, on the craze of increasing her viewers on YouTube, starts to play with the devil, which results in a worse situation.

Madhu, her sister, visits Anya after learning about Anya’s channel and tries to prevent her from doing it. The web series continues with troublesome activities done by Anya by keeping her YouTube channel live 24/7. Apart from being just a horror series, it revolves around Anya’s past – her troubled childhood. It is a unique story about the impacts of loneliness and childhood abuse.

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